Learning happens in many ways and although the traditional learning in the classroom is undeniably important, life’s real education happens outside the classroom where those boundaries can be moved that little bit wider.
Travelling abroad with your school can give teachers a chance to teach with more time and flexibility and students a fantastic opportunity to learn in a real life, tangible setting, imbedding their learning and enhancing their development. It will:

  • Enable students to learn or practise a language:Whether a language is being studied or not, submerging your students in a different culture is the best way for them to master that countries’ language. Not only do students learn more by practising it in a real life scenario but hearing the accent and intonation from the locals adds a new dimension to their learning.
  • Give them an understanding and appreciation of other cultures
    Staying in a different country will help students understand and appreciate cultures that differ from their own. Actually living there for a short period of time will give them a comprehensive understanding of how their host country works and help them appreciate the similarities and differences between both cultures. This would not only give them a better understanding of themselves but also the world around them, an invaluable lesson to learn.
  • Encourage self-development and social skills:
    Travelling abroad will naturally push students to engage and interact with strangers in order to live, get their daily tasks done and socialise at the end of the day. They can only rely on their peers to a degree but inevitably will need to ask the locals for help and support. This will not only make them into more confident and social young people but encourage self-development.
  • Teach students about the world around them:
    Travel gives students a unique education about the world around them. Seeing first hard how another country operates and functions is one of the best ways for students to compare it to their own and others, allowing them to truly understand what the world is made of and how it functions both socially and economically. It also develops young minds in the most fantastic but natural way.

Give students the chance to grow and develop in ways they can only imagine!

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