Taking Music on tour abroad, why is it such a great idea?

For many choirs and music groups, they make many memories during the performances that they play but some of their most poignant and memorable experiences happen whilst touring abroad. Not only because of lovely backdrops but also from the closeness they get from being together for a substantial amount of time. This often enhances the music as members seem more synchronised but also improves the quality of each performance. But why are more and more music groups touring internationally? And why it such a great idea?
Offers the chance to collaborate with other choirs and music groups around the world
Choirs and music groups have an opportunity to not only collaborate from people from different countries and cultures but also gives them an opportunity make connections with the local community. They could perform together, collaborate music together and even just gain new friends with a shared passion. What a fantastic way to show your group how music can bring so many different people together.

  • Learning from other cultures
    Living and touring in a different country can help the group appreciate cultures that differ from their own and gain perspective by seeing how others may do things differently. Even group leaders can benefit greatly from learning how various aspects of the music scene are organised in a different place. From rehearsals to concerts, teaching to learning, they may gain a different or even better perspective that can positively change how they do things themselves.
  • Builds friendship and solidarity
    Solidarity and harmony are the key foundations of any Choir or music group. It strengthens the quality of the music they make but also strengthens the overall performance of the group. So what better way to achieve that unity and promote that friendship than with touring abroad! Seeing each other all day, every day would encourage an understanding and closeness between members that could only be fostered from that intense time together.
  • Gives the group time to perfect their skills and performances
    During rehearsals at home, groups often only have a few hours to practise but when travelling abroad they are less restricted on time. This gives both students and teachers the time to practise their skills and really explore their musicality together!
  • Can generate publicity and interest
    Touring can be enticing for new members of any Choir or music group as it presents a new challenge that is different to the norm. It can also raise the profile of the group as the more they are seen, the more they are known and talked about which can provide many more future opportunities for them.

So, whether you are a choir or musical group, touring abroad doesn’t need to be expensive or stressful to book. Get in touch with GTC Travel group and see how easy it can be to join the musical community worldwide and see just how valuable that can be!

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