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To send us a Group Request for Flights please fill in the Groups Request form, e-mail us on groups@germantravelcentre.com or call us on +44 (0) 208 429 2900.

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Your dedicated U.K based agents will search the market via our key contacts to find you suitable flight options for your Group Flight booking based on the information collated on your request. To start with all you need to do is click here to fill in the form and start the process.



We search the market for flights that meet your requirements negotiate a fare with key contacts within the airlines and present these to you for consideration.

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Your agent will search the market and present you with booking options and fares to meet your requirements. This could include direct flights or in-direct flights from different connecting points. Whatever the request, we will find you the best options to suit your needs. If none of these options are suitable, don’t worry! Your agent will gather further information to pin-point the ideal solution for you!

Booking Option

We will usually hold the seats for a short period of time to allow you to check and confirm other travel arrangements. (This varies by airline and is dependent on the length of time between booking and travelling).

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Once you have chosen your perfect flights the agent will place the booking for you and confirm the fare to you. You will then have a number of days option on the booking with no financial commitment allowing you to make arrangements for other aspects of your trip e.g. accommodation, transfers etc.


At the end of the holding period, we require a deposit for each seat held.

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At the end of the holding period, we will collect a deposit for each passenger in order to to secure the booking for you.



Two months before you travel, we will require the payment balance and the list of passenger passport names and details.

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You will be given a date (around 2 months before you travel), when the payment balance and passenger passport information will be due. Before this date you are able to cancel seats with just the loss of your deposit. However, please remember the minimum number of passengers on a group must not go lower than the minimum requirement (typically 10 seats), but this can vary by carrier and cabin. The payment balance for your booking will be collected via your preferred payment method.



We will need your list of passenger passport names.

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You will be provided with a date when passenger passport details will be due, this is when we will require all confirmed passenger passport information. Once we have this information, a member of our processing team will enter this information into your booking and send you a copy of the booking to make sure all details are in order.


Between 2-4 weeks before departure we will then issue e-tickets e-mail them across to you. (the above is given as a guide, terms and conditions of a booking vary on a booking by booking basis and also by airline, full terms and conditions will be provided at time of booking)

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Typically 3 to 4 weeks before departure one of our processing team will do the final checks on your booking and process the booking. You will be e-mailed a copy of your e-ticket document, this document will contain your Booking reference number, your flight details and passenger passport names. We recommend you print this copy out and present this upon check-in as a point of reference. However in most cases you would only need to have your booking locator for the airline to locate your booking.

The booking process serves as a guide on we work with our clients and partners, specific details differ from booking to booking, specific details will be advised upon booking request.

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