New Lufthansa Logo

Although there has been some controversy following the unveiling of Lufthansa’s new aircraft livery in February 2018, it does seem a little premature. Whilst it can be seen as odd move that that the traditional yellow has not been included in the new livery but the simpler blue and white combination has been favoured instead, Lufthansa have remained true to their history and identity by retaining the instantly recognisable Lufthansa crane.
The original crane logo created by Otto Firle in 1918 now looks refined, refreshed and modern to fit in with Lufthansa’s revamped brand image and it is definitely clear to see that a lot of work has gone into keeping the traditional Lufthansa brand alive whilst trying to bring it into the modern day. Designers have also had to think one step ahead by not only making the new appearance sharper but also in sync with the increasing use of technology being used as part and parcel of today’s world.
Plus, all is not lost, the distinctive yellow has not completely gone but is being used in a smarter way as accents such as the yellow accessories being used for the cabin crews new uniform in order to remain fresh and current. Additionally, other items on board such as tableware and blankets will also showcase Lufthansa’s new design and image.
Overall, the revamp of the brand and livery looks positive and so does the 100 year old crane still proudly residing on the aircraft’s tail. Carsten Spohr, the Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa said “The crane has always been with us and clearly stands for the promising performance from Lufthansa. To this day, it still stands as a symbol of highest quality, excellent service, flying expertise, reliability, innovative spirit; and it stands for trust.” A perfect description of what Lufthansa is and will always be, no matter what livery they have.